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[Ships from USA] Psychedelic Tiger
Hugo Tomahawk (Chicago, US)
Awesome colors, turned out great

Needed to spruce up the Artwork around my tigers den at home and needless to say my tiger at home approves of this psychedelic tiger artwork.

Was a lot of fun to complete!

Unconscious Rivals - Lawrence Alma-Tadema - 1893
Meg Anderson (Murfreesboro, US)
Unconscious rivals

It was enjoyable to paint but I was hoping for the painting to be more as depicted in order photo. It lacked alot of detail in the ceiling & in the two ladies that I was hoping would be more distinct & true to the original. I'm not sure what the process is for reproduction so I don't know if you are limited as to how much detail you can recreate.

Adriene Cardan (Camarillo, US)
Catching The Wave

This kit turned out beautifully. You can almost feel the power of the wave. I changed a couple of the colors (I have painted so many kits I have lots of extra paint around). It's now hanging in my guest room. which has a beach theme. I know the kit is called "Solar Crest" but it really should be called "Ride The Wave."

[Ships from USA] Phenomenon
Julie Bell (Baltimore, US)

Disappointed. The whole painting needs to be dry brushed to hide the unrealistic sharpness of sky, trees, water and flowers.

Custom Paint by Number Kit
Royetta Zachariason (Saint Paul, US)

I finished my paint by numbers picture of my grandchildren. I had fun doing it and will hang it in the living room. I already know what I want to do next

This was my first time doing a paint by number and I really enjoyed it. I added a few of my own personal touches and mixed in some moulding paste to make the birds and flowers pop a bit. Very happy with the result.

Woman with parasol

Amazing! One of the best so far. I am almost finished and found this to be an authentic lovely experience with a finished product I am very pleased with

Custom Paint by Number Kit
ANTHONY ABRAMS (Philadelphia, US)
Satisfied Customer

What an amazing gift and fun activity to do with someone special. I ordered our paint by numbers kit as a gift for Christmas and we just got to finish it yesterday. I absolutely love this picture and can't wait to frame it.

when the kit was shipped it was folded in a square and stuffed in an envelope . has i crease down the middle now that wont come out . i tried laying it out with books on it , i tried ironing it .nothing really works . signed , disappointed

Berry Branch Birds
Sharon DeTillio (Lorain, US)
3 Birds with Berries

I love paint by Numbers. This site has such a large selection and all the supplies you will need. It's Great!

The Starry Sky [LIMITED PRINT] - Van Gogh
Elvia Gallagher (Estero, US)
Starry night over the Rhône

I’m very happy u found my paint by numbers. The delivery was fast, and the canvas was in a good packaging (avoiding folds and lines). It took me almost a month, painting about an hour a day! I’m in love with the result! Definitely I’ll buy again!

*FREE* Cafe Terrace at Night - Van Gogh
Debora Verniz (Maysville, US)
Great hobby!

This is my first paint by numbers. I had previous experience with acrylic paint though. Canvas and paints are good quality and the brushes are good so far. Some spaces didnt have numbers but I just needed to refere to the original to check it. Lighter colors may need more than 1 layer to cover the print in the canvas but this is how acrylic works anyways. Taking good care of your brushes will make them durable.

*FREE* Sea Turtle
Allison Rose (Marshall, US)
Great product

This was my first paint by numbers painting and it was great. It came just as advertised and I was able to complete the picture in about 40 hours. I still need to frame it but it’s hanging in my office now.

Custom Paint by Number Kit
Adriene Cardan (Camarillo, US)
Colorful Custom Painting

I sent My Paint by Numbers a copy of a photo of a very colorful horse. I received my kit a couple of weeks later. The painting turned out so nice I'm framing it and giving it to a friend who is a horse lover. It will make the perfect birthday gift! Here's a pic of the photo and the finished painting.

Lilacs on the Patio
Carol Godard (Macungie, US)

Loved it

Fall Birch Forrest [EXTRA Large Print]
Eloise E (Brisbane, AU)

Good painting. Vibrant colours

Custom Paint by Number Kit
Adriene Cardan (Camarillo, US)
Heartwarming Painting

The woman who is depicted in this painting had a wonderful German Shepherd named Ben. Ben was a star, floppy ears and all. He was so big we think he may have been a cross between a German Shepherd and a Great Dane. Any how, Ben died two months ago. I wanted to make something special for my friend, something personal. I sent a photo to My Paint By Numbers and they were able to re-create it. She was so touched when she received the painting. Her new German Shepherd was completely fascinated by it, as if he knew Ben was there (that's him at the lower left hand corner staring at the painting).

Almond Blossoms - Van Gogh
Sylvia Wilkinson (St. George, US)
Love the Van Gogh paintings

This painting was fun to paint. I was worried I wouldn’t have enough paint because some of the little tubs weren’t completely full. Since I always thin the paint slightly I had enough to do two coats of paint. These paint by number projects never turn out the exact color of the little picture they send along with the painting. This one is much brighter then the picture, but it’s still beautiful. There were a few cells with no numbers, but that doesn’t worry me.

*FREE* Sea Turtle
Nat (Jamaica Plain, US)

The color palette is amazing! I have no artistic ability and somehow this turned out so beautiful. Love it!!



Sunflowers - Van Gogh 1888
Margaret McDermott (South Jordan, US)
Meditation meets neophyte artist

Loved the vibrant details of this paint by number. I used the time for staying away from screens at night and weekends to the point of meditation. This was my first one and I am looking forward to the next one

Butterfly Prism
Sherrilynn Parrish (Sicklerville, US)

Love the way the bright colors pop and stand out. Fun to paint.

Hummingbirds - Ernst Haeckel - 1904
Cecile Sanzo (La Verne, US)

Painting was a fun one! Only issue was with paint #16 which there was just barely enough of and considering that the color was uneven when applied; it was necessary to brush on twice.

Great first PBN

Loved working on this paint by number! It was a nice challenge with a great reward at the end- it turned out so cool.

[Ships from USA] Crystal Mountain
Harriett Tanksley (Augusta, US)
Relaxing Mountains

The Crystal Mountains paint by numbers set came out gorgeous. This was my first project and had everything I needed in adequate amounts. The numbers were easily readable and covered up completely. It was so exciting and relaxing working on it everyday. I enjoyed this project so much I just ordered a different one.

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