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Sanity reviver

I just love doing the paint by numbers it’s relaxing and a good stress relief.I am full time career for my parents,don’t get a lot of time but when they go off to bed I sit and do painting , so rewarding .

I have not painted yet but the design is nice. Should be pretty when finished.

Mother Nature Tree

This is the fourth painting I’ve done and by far the hardest.
It is a lot more intricate. But it’s my favorite. Watching it come to ‘life’ has been truly beautiful. I can’t stop staring at it.

Incredibly Happy with it

I ordered a custom of one of my wedding photos. I was a bit nervous as it was my first paint by number, but when I received it I was pleasantly surprised. The canvas, paints and brushes were good quality and when it was finished it looked great! Will definitely be ordering more!

The Mermaid

Fun to paint. Rich creamy paints, adequate brushes & directions. TIme to paint about 25 hours.

the paint color for the trees is too dark.the trees look like giant purple colums

First painting, a bit disappointed

Was very fun and relaxing, I even took it on my vacation to finish! End product was not quite as expected. The colors do not blend as pictured, and it only looks good from far away. Will try another painting though.

Almost perfect!

I loved completing this painting. Very relaxing. My only suggestion is that a paper copy of the design I(including numbers) be included. I had a hard time reading some of the numbers they were so tiny

Psychedelic Tree

Beautiful vibrant colors. Nice quality. I can't wait to finish it.

Great brushs at a great price.

I love these brushes. A good quality for a great price.

I’m addicted

I love all the kits I have purchesed, but especially the Saintes Ocean. It really looks great!

Here Puss, puss!

I loved painting the cat and the deer prior, very relaxing! 😁

Sea Turtle

Picture was fun to paint. It was a little darker than I expected.

Second custom from MYPBN

I’ve ordered ten paintings from
My PBN and am so happy with how my second custom painting of my sweet fur baby is turning out. I highly recommend myPBN over other sites.

Fun and relaxing!

I really enjoyed my paint by number. It was so relaxing plus I took my time with it. I'm going to get another one soon!

Beautiful Sunset

Love my paint by numbers. Very easy to paint and very relaxing.
Thank You

Just call me Monet

I had a blast painting this. I was a little surprised when it came without the frame but I just stapled it to another frame and I’m gonna have my dad frame it for me. All in all I loved it and I think it turned out pretty good too. :)

Love love love

I absolutely loved my painting kit. It was very easy to follow along and paint by the Numbers. It came with everything I needed. It was very therapeutic and fun.

Beautiful and easy

Loved everything about this kit. Very easy to paint. I am ordering my second kit.

Custom PBN

I have only finished one of them and i’m pleased with it. I’m still working on the others and am a little concerned with the colors. I have learned that you really can’t tell for sure until you’re finished. I really wish they would put more numbers on them. I have found it difficult to tell what color to use when there is only 1 number for a large winding area. Also the very light (pink) lines are difficult to see.
Overall, I am pleased so far.


I ordered this paint by numbers kit as physical therapy after repair of brain aneurysms left me with some nerve damage to my dominant arm and hand. The fine hand work required for this piece has help to decrease the numbness and pins + needles sensations, and improved functionality.
It was an added bonus for me to end up with a beautiful painting. I have also ordered a custom kit from one of my own photos.
The kits have come with everything needed. Plenty of paint and brushes.
The canvas has been a little to moderately wrinkled and the colors come out a little to dark.
I will definitely order more custom prints, but lighten the image before submitting.

Beautiful painting

For my first attempt this was both soothing and satisfying when i completed it. Loved every minute of it. Now to find a frame!


My mum enjoyed painting it and end result was pleasant.

lone lighthouse

I have not had time to start on this painting yet, but am looking forward to working on it.

Great activity and somewhat challenging

This project is great. the paints are good quality and i have enjoyed working on it. It is definitly a good find. The brushes are not my favorites so I used my own.

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