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Tranquil scene

It was so relaxing to paint this tranquil meadow scene. This is the third paint by numbers I’ve done and I’ll definitely paint more!


I loved this kit, it was my first paint by number and it turned out perfect. Easy to do, and really fun. Now on to my next one....

Amazing sea turtle painting

It has been a really nice challenge to paint this turtle. It was easy to follow the numbers, and the result is amazing! This will be the first of many others. I love it!


One of the best paint by numbers I have had.

Beyond Pleased!!

I wasn't sure how well my photo would translate to the canvas-and-paint medium, but OH MY GOODNESS! I am floored by how gorgeous the painting came out, and by how well the algorithm worked to translate my photo to canvas. I cannot recommend this enough. I'm beyond thrilled with the results!

African Beauty

Really loved this painting. She turned out beautifully. The scarf takes a little time but I love it.

Ocean Sun Rays

At first I did not like this painting. It is so moody and dark. But it came together very well and like all art looks better from a distance. Now, several days later, it actually looks quite beautiful. I am pleased.


I love the picture. It is so calming to sit and paint. Clears the head and makes you feel creative. Cannot wait until it's done. However, I may need more paint in order to finish!


Love the vibrant colors - easy enough for beginners


My first paint by number completed, and I have to say I love it! Soo addicting and relaxing!

Very enjoyable

I really enjoyed doing this painting. It was only my second painting by numbers attempt and, for me, it was neither too hard, nor too easy - just right.

The canvas was good quality and it came with plenty of paints which went on smoothly. I did do two coats of paint, more to tidy up my mistakes than anything else.

The painting is now hanging in my husband's 'train room' and I think that it has been a hit with him also.

Almost 5 stars

Love everything about it except I hate the texture of the canvas. Makes it hard to fill in grooves and to be precise in small spaces. One thing I do love it the lines being a light coloured red instead of dark black.

my thoughts on paris in pink

It was most enjoyable to paint and the results are stunning


This was a mediumly hard one. Clear numbering. The end result is vibrantly colored.

Love doing these!

Great gifts! Need to use a good picture without many shadows.

A great experience

This took SO LONG TO FINISH. And somehow it didn’t come out exactly as pictured? Regardless, I still loved it. It comes with plenty of paint and I wasn’t worried about running out at all. Definitely going to purchase another one!

Red Lake

Absolutely loved this painting, my favorite so far


Paint by Numbers is fun!


Paint by number is so easy and fun!

Great first painting to try

First time I did the paint by numbers and it did take a lot of time doing it , but it was so fun! I just put on some Netflix and started ! It’s so easy to do and looks awesome when done .

Sea Turtle review

This was a fun kit to complete. There was plenty of paint, the numbers were easy to see and also easy to hide with the paint. The finished product is fabulous in my nautical themed bathroom. I am addicted to paint by number kits now!


This painting was very fun with a ton of great colors. A few of them were pretty thin and needed a few coats but it all turned out great.

Happy time

I enjoyed painting, it relaxed me and it gave me some inside of the original painter. To imagine what he was thi nking when creating his work. I will be looking for a new kit very soon.

Enjoyed it immensely

I loved the colors, and the simplified rendering of the famous image lends itself well to paint-by-number. There is less detail than in the photo that represents the piece. See my finished canvas below. I was able to paint with the brushes that were supplied. My only complaint is that there was not enough #1 - black. All the other colors had an adequate supply of paint. I had to use the dark brown #6 in a few places as a substitute for the black.

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