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Red Poppies and Blue Cornflowers

Great activity during the pandemic! Enjoyed painting again!

Not Apollo 11

Great painting! My boyfriend LOVES it! He is a NASA/space exploration nut and knew that this was not Apollo 11 as soon as he saw it. It is however Apollo 15.

Fun for my first paint by numbers!

I’m no artist at all but this has been one of my favorite times for the longest. The result upon first looks is awesome! Just don’t do a side by side comparison against the real painting.

Van Gogh Vase with Cornflowers

I gave this gift to my husband for Christmas. He just loved it! He especially liked the ease of the project but also the ability to embellish(he likes the thick paint marks) He has had some art classes but they always proved to be extremely stressful..this was not that at all. As a Tech guy it gave him a great project that both relaxed him and invigorated his love of art. I've attached his finished project..It will be a lovely addition to our art collection. Thank you!

Really enjoyed this one

The Tree of Life is my second PBN. Loved seeing the images come to life. Spending time every day helped me relax in this time of Covid. Some of the colors needed to be thinned out a little with a few drops of water but overall the quality of the paints was good and I had plenty to complete the project. I dug out my old acrylic paint brushes from a course I took years ago and found them to be better quality than the ones which came with the kit. Overall, I am happy with the results and plan to paste the finished painting to a board and leave the boarder on. I am now working on my third PBN, Lastly, I am pleased with the service of this company. I emailed a question and they got back to me right away.

Sea Turtle

Excellent quality. Colors are beautiful and blend together nicely. Canvas is also made of good quality material. And best of all it was Free!!

Difficult but cathartic

My husband has been to Venice so I got this for him for Christmas. Need to find a frame for it. It was difficult but was very pleased at the end. I will purchase again.

Great stone detail

I did not like how the sky came out. It needed to be much more blended. However the rocks and cliff came out wonderfully

Custom Paint by Number Kit
My granddaughter

My son - daughter in law- granddaughter

Beautiful picture

I love this picture. I changed the color to blue by request. It turned out very nice!


Very easy overall, would recommend as a first piece. Background colors were pretty transparent (that’s the nature of yellow anyway) so many coats needed to be applied but Final result was very beautiful.

Love it

Had so much fun painting my dog! Can't wait for my next order!

very good quality


Rose's bring me joy!

This was my favorite so far. I recieved 2 PBN's as a gift and had alot of fun painting them so when I completed my PBN's I placed an order for 3 PBN's and competing all 3 of them and placed another order for 1 Floral arrangement PBN. Over all the Rose's PBN's has been my favorite and cant wait for for my new order to arrive!! Hopefully I get chosen in the raffle to win a PBN!! Rose's bring me lots of joy!


This is my first of 3 PBN's I ordered.
I am almost done! Lots of detail which makes it fun to do.Enjoying it so much. Can't wait to finish and start the next one.

Amazing Stress Reliever!

I loved painting this picture. It was easy and I had so much fun. It allowed me to just let go of my stress of being a teacher.
Huge thanks!!
Can't wait to do my next paint by numbers picture.


This one took a lot more time than others but it was so worth it!

Loved it

Took me about four months to finish. It was my first paint by numbers and it looks incredible. It was very forgiving since it is a bit abstract, and my canvas seems to vary a little on the other ones pictured-- for example, i have no dots of color in the two white flowers at the bottom of the canvas and my colors don't seem as vibrant. ... That being said, who cares I love it! I will stretch it and put it up in the house :) Excited to buy my next one from mypaintbynumbers!!!!

I LOVE My Paint by Numbers

This pandemic got me bored so I checked out this site. I am so glad I did! I am having so much fun! I have done quite a few and plan on doing quite a few more! Thanks you so much for rolling the canvas so there are no creases! Thank you for the slight tinted colors on the canvas which makes it easier to find a color you are working with. Finally, thank you for the red lines, easier to cover!

Dramatic DIVA

My custom paint by number of a photo of my favorite opera star was so much fun. And turned out great. As an experiment I used a black and white photo of the diva’s profile. It was an opportunity to experiment with light and shade as well as practice my skills with portraiture. Thank you

Beautiful Hummingbirds

I’ve completed many PBN. This has been my favorite so far. I had it stretched out on a wood frame once finished. It came in packaged very nicely. Super fast delivery. I ordered Sunday and got it on Thursday. Canvas came rolled. Paints were so vibrant and had great coverage, very minimal transparency on certain colors. No need for gesso. I had my own brushes so did not need the generic ones that come with the kit. I would say about 80- 100 hours put in. Looking forward to my next one.

Fun painting

Liked this one as I have liked all Klimpt paintings thus far. Was challenging and rewarding when finished. The hardest part is picking a frame for these greats works of art!

Grandbabies in the garden

My grandkids were easily identifiable in the lovely garden scene. Thoroughly enjoyed the process.

Her Bountiful Harvest

Really fell in love with her. Strong yet vulnerable.
A very fun and rewarding project.

So fun!

I loved painting the lion with all the vibrant colors. It was so much fun! The materials are good quality as well! I received an incorrect painting and they corrected it right away but sending me the right one. I would definitely recommend this company!

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