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Venice at night

Paint colours were true to sample picture, and painting really came together once black completed. Very moody and looks great in full light but even better in low light. Extremely happy with purchase

Solid Purchase

The set I ordered took a while to arrive but the paints were good and the colors were fairly close to the pictures on the website. These are always so much fun but do wish they came with the frame.

Moonlight night

Loved the colors, very relaxing to do.

Colorful Kaleidoscope Eyes

Had so much fun painting this one. I love the bright colors.

Amazing painting

This painting is so amazing. My husband loves to paint and when he finished this painting it looked like the eagle just “popped” off the page. Such a great paint by numbers kit. I think we will be ordering more in the future.

Looks great!

My painting came out amazing. It was definitely time consuming but worth it in the end. My boyfriend cried when I gave it to him. If you are wanting to do a custom painting make sure your picture has good lighting and give yourself enough time to get it done well.

A pleasure to return to

I look forward to working on this painting. Almost done!

Heart of Flowers

I am enjoying painting this picture. I find it relaxing and can't wait to see the end result. The only downfall is how long it took for me to receive it in the beginning.


Very easy and fast..

The Fast Mail Train

a very detailed painting ,really satisfying to work on, really pleased

Love it!

It was easy to complete and looks great hanging.

I love this turtle! Never disappointed by Paint by Numbers paintings

Love love love it!

It's beautiful!

Easy to follow and came out beautiful. Some of the numbers take a couple of coats to cover and a few still show through but once completed you wouldn't see them if you didn't know.

Need to send back did not want rolled canvas please tell me how to send back.

Nice Painting!!!

For once, I don't have too many complaints about a kit. Paints were good, as were the canvas and brushes. Painting was well laid out and easy to follow. Lots of tiny sections (typical of famous art), and the lighter colors required 2 or 3 coats (also typical of most kits). This painting took a while to complete, but the end result was well worth it.

Very good project. It lasts a long time as there are many small areas to complete, but the colors are fun and vibrant and the end product looks very nice.

Vraiment amusant et facile comme peinture.

Loved it

The quality of the canvas and paints were perfect. Easy to follow. I have been doing these over2 years and I have found that there might be a color or an adjustment. This was the same but easy to get around. Some the details were missing so I was able to make it work. Ready for the next dogs and card playing

High quality kit

Enjoyed this Van Gogh very much. I also applied extra paint as originally artist did

Loved it. This was my first PBN and it was super simple to paint. Came out great!

Loved it. This was my first PBN ever and it came out just like the pic. However, the lighter colors in the background fence needed a second coat to cover the red lines so be sure not to use too much paint the first time!

Pink roses


Great picture

Pretty colors - I enjoyed this one so much - am looking for more!

Painted moon

This was a fun one to do. Had to get creative with the blending of colors. The end result looks spectacular and I’m excited to start a new one

We love the painting

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