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Custom Order

While the custom order came out ok in the end , the colors were different than on the original picture. For example blue on the original was green on the canvas shipped . Also, the size was off ...I ordered 16 x 20 but the painted portion on the actual canvas was only 13 x 20 ...All in all I enjoyed the painting and will order again . Also , the shipping is super slow it generally takes 3-4 weeks to get once ordered .

not started

as the title says, I haven't started the painting yet.Still working on the last one

Love it

Another beautiful project!

Tree of Life

My painting is a work in progress, but I’m thoroughly enjoying seeing it come to fruition. I think my only negative would be how long it took to receive it, almost a month and a half. I would totally recommend to anyone looking to add something new to their day.

Great Painting, Difficulty with Small Spaces

This is a fun painting to do, and turns out beautiful. Mine seems to have had different colors than the image advertised, and some of the small spots made it hard to paint clearly. Overall, fun product with a pretty result.

Beautiful painting

The only criticism I have is that it was hard to cover the lines and numbers. From a distance, they don't show, but I was worried they would while I was painting it.

Loved it

This is the first paint by numbers I ever did and it was so much fun!

First time PBN

I was very pleased with my first original PBN kit. I'm looking forward to doing it again!

I haven’t painted the lilacs as yet but I will send you a picture as soon as I finish it.


It was really fun to paint!

Beautiful Flower Arrangement
Beautiful Flower Arrangement

This paint by number is extremely challenging as most of the spaces and numbers are very small. The results are well worth it.

Relaxing monkey

It was really a challenge, but at the end I just loved it.

Flowing Dancer [LIMITED PRINT]
Really pretty and was fun to do but...

I really enjoyed doing this painting. It was my first adult paint by numbers. I did run out of #2 and #4 though. I had to buy some craft paint at Hobby Lobby to finish. I wish the "purple" had actually been purple like the description picture shows, it all looks black on my painting. Other reviews show purple so I guess it's hit or miss if they send the correct colors. :(
Took me 46 hours to complete total over a few weeks. Next one is the Paris street scene.

Cherry Blossoms By The Lake [LIMITED PRINT]
Great First PBN Experience + Tips

I painted this as a surprise gift for my daughter’s 18th birthday, with the idea that she would take it to college. I enjoyed the painting process, as I found it very relaxing. She loved it and was so surprised and touched.

Some tips I learned along the way:
1. Take a photo of the canvas on your phone before you start, so you can refer back to it and zoom in to see small numbers. I also kept a magnifying glass nearby for the same reason.
2. Buy your own brushes
3. Be sure to cover the lines on the first pass so you don’t have to go back and touch this up. That said, some lighter colors require a second coat in any case.
4. Be sure you have considered the price of framing, as it can increase the total cost of the project substantially. In my case, it added another $150.

Roses Are Red

I have painted many of My Paint by Numbers and this is my favorite! Some of the numbers were blank but I improvised.

Enjoyed painting this picture. Somewhat hard but will be proud to display.

Swan Lake
Swan Lake

This was beautiful and so true to the original picture!

Lions and Tigers and Bears - Oh My!
Lion and Tigers and Bear

Enjoyed painting this one there are a lot of small details

A fun painting!

I did this one for my grand baby:) It was fun to paint & watching it come alive.

Wolf Pack On Winter Mountain [LIMITED PRINT]
Great Fun!

I enjoyed the paint by numbers! Very relaxing
My daughter lover wolves and I am sending it to her!
Now looking for another one!

A work in progress

It’s taking longer than anticipated. I ran out of #7 paint- what to do?

Dear O' deer

I'm love painting this picture and is easy to follow to get great results!

Since there were no stretcher bars on this canvas, unlike the previous one, I had to find a framer to do the work ($35.00) and just got it back so I have no review.

Beautiful, but the colors were off

This painting was my first by numbers to tackle. It's a beautiful painting, but I was thrown a bit by the colors as the actual paint that came with this painting is pretty far off from the photo in some areas. It ultimately doesn't matter because the end result is gorgeous, but I do wish the background colors had matched the picture more closely. Great experience and one that I will continue to enjoy with more paintings!

Spring Bicycle Flowers
My favorite yet

I knew I was going to love this one and it didn't disappoint. The colors are so vibrant, actually better than what the picture depicted. This is my second thus far and I plan on continuing until I've painted all of the items on the site that interest me (or until my fingers fall off, whichever happens first). Very relaxing and such an enjoyable experience. It's one of those "trust the process" experiences as well.....looks intimidating at first, then it doesn't look like much for a while, but then comes a point when you really start to see the picture come to life. Highly recommended!

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