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Enjoyed Painting This, but....

I have always loved Van Gogh’s paintings and I was excited to get this one to paint. The painting was challenging and fun, but the colors shown in the finished picture on your website were not the same as the colors in the picture that I did. My painting was much darker and did not show the details in the painting, such as the people strolling.

This was straightforward to di, I had enough Paint. I was really pleased with the final result.

Perfect image

This one is on the easier side to do and it turns out perfect!

Red Poppies

This painting was easy to do and a joy to watch it come together. As a starting piece for the beginner painter it makes a great choice.

Best gift ever

Very good gift idea for those lovers of painting and great memory forever

Great colours, nice painting!

This painting has very nice, bright colours. Many small areas so takes some dedication to complete, but the end product is definitely worth it!


I loved painting this. Ended up stunning. Very easy other than trying to see the small printed number. Definitely strains the old eyeballs. Cant wait to start the next one.

Stunning Painting!

This painting was so much fun and the results are stunning!

Dr Gachet

Excellent and fun kit. The canvas printing was well printed and easy to read, but did require a magnifying glass to see the numbers, every now and then. No big deal.
The paint quality was fine other than some interesting color choices that did not match the included color guide. This just allowed me to do my own interpretation. Also the paint volume was more than enough to complete the image. The only downside was that this item took about 5-6 weeks to arrive, as it came directly from China. Would definitely order again.

Snowy Riverbank
Snowy Riverbank

I just completed this in time to add to my holiday/winter decorations. I don't really do many Christmas decorations but have more of a seasonal theme. This painting will fit in well with everything else. I really enjoyed doing this one. I love the full range of colors and the depth of perception. Now it's on to another one!

Boss Cat
top cat a very satisfying painting to do ,i am very pleased with it

a very satisfying painting

to do,i am very pleased with it


This painting is amazing! My son did the painting and it came out beautiful! Thank you!

Max & Lily

Colors were a little off but really enjoyed painting it


Mr Leopard turned out just beautiful and his eyes are extraordinary. The only negative I have on this one, is that there wasn't enough of one of the colours. Luckily, I had one similar from another picture which worked surprisingly well. I've done a few of these now and this is the only one where I ran out of a colour, but as a whole every one I've done has been brilliant. I'm not an artist, but I am having so much fun with these and will continue to paint by numbers. Thank you.

Loved painting the monkey with headphones. Took me about 2 hours a day for 5 days to paint it. I found some of the colours were not the same as the photo and some of the numbers on the painting were not very visible but still lots of fun!

Lighthouse Painting

It was fun and easy with a little help of an easel and light. I didn't know to iron the canvas before starting, so the next one won't have wrinkles in it!

Sea Turtle

This was so much fun. I love all the different hues of blue in this one!!

Forrest Moon

This piece was so much fun and provided extra paint for bigger areas of the same color.

Beautiful flowers

I loved it.

Lovely scene

This one was easier to do than some of the others, but I liked it a lot. My daughter took this one.


Everyone loved this one, including me. Took time of course, but I’m very pleased with the result.


The custom paint set turned out perfect I am so happy with it

Magnifying Glasses

indispensable when painting pictures

So much Fun!

I forgot how much I loved to paint. With kids, work and even online college I found a way to relax and DEstress. I haven't finished it yet but I'm working on it and love it!

Turned out amazing

Makes for a gorgeous painting, quite life-like

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