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Beautiful picture

Nice paint by number. My daughter and I began it last week together. We hope it turns out. It really has some very small areas to paint. Haven’t finished it.

Summer days

Very enjoyable and relaxing to paint..beautiful picture..

Difficult but fun

This was my first paint by numbers. Really enjoyed it. Turned out just like the photo


This one went a little faster than my previous paint by numbers, with larger blocks in the sky. The tree still had plenty of fine detail. The end result is beautiful.

Fun time, beautiful painting

My daughter took this one for herself. She enjoyed the detailed work.

Very enjoyable

This painting is very detailed with parts smaller than a grain of rice. I enjoyed it very much. The only negative is running out of all the light colors (15, 9, 4) which need 2 coats to cover grey lines. I recommend ironing the canvas before starting and also stapling it to a wood frame as it makes it easier to paint propped against something like an easel (easier on the neck too). I chose to not paint the symbols.

I am so happy worth the finished painting. Have gotten many complements on it!

Paris Street

Though I have not yet completed my picture, I am so happy with the product. I was not expecting to get canvas. so that was a lovely surprise! It definitely helps to keep my stress at bay. Have recommended to many family members!

Giraffe elephant safari

Love this painting. It’s quick and fun... did I mention it’s adorable.

Tranquil Stream

Great price. Hours of enjoyment, very relaxing. Good quality. Plan to frame

Paris Street

So beautiful. Plan to frame. Priced very reasonably.

So relaxing

I loved paint by numbers as a kid and it’s still fun! A great way to spend time relaxing unwinding while being creative

Beautiful fall colors

Very dynamic painting

Rewarding project

I have never painted before and this took about a week to finish

Florid Tiger

Received my order on, have just started and I feel in my zen zone while painting. Looking forward to seeing my finish product!

Cat Times
Cat Times

Had so much fun with this one and everyone I have shown it to, has loved it !!!

Excellent stress-buster!

This is an excellent project for those looking to do something relaxing (added bonus that you end up with a beautiful final product!)

Custom of my granddaughter

I absolutely love it!! So relaxing to do and great for gifts. I’ll be doing many more.

Cat Times - looks fun!

I haven't started this yet but it looks like a lot of fun. Can't wait to get started.

Arrived timely and is exactly what they described.

This is so beautiful

I have only began and it is a LOT of detail but it is such a beautiful print i am looking forward to painting it. I only wish i would have started with something a little less complicated as my first painting. They are certainly not like the paint by numbers i did as a kid.

Fall in Paris

Have been working on this painting for a while, lots of small details to do and you need good eyes to see all the line breaks. Enjoyable painting to do, about 75% complete at the moment.


This was so relaxing and fun to paint. It came out absolutely beautiful

I really want to love this painting kit. I have high hopes that it will turn out well. I am very disappointed that with 2 of the main paint colors I need arrived with little pots that were almost empty, while others are filled to the top. It's causing me anxiety now, have to go and try to "paint match" the colors at local craft store. Also, a few of the numbers are missing in the paint area, so do not know what color to use. On the up side, it is a nice kit and I am finding it to be relaxing after a long work day. :) I would give more stars if there was enough paint and could see the numbers on all of the paint areas.

Safari Sunset

Had a great time painting. It took me back to when I was a kid. Now I need a way to display it. I'm ordering a new another one next week.