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Kits 4 Kids

Kits 4 Kids Paint by Numbers Encourage Kids Foundation Program

Encourage Kids + My Paint by Numbers

My Paint by Numbers™ is excited to announce that we are teaming up withenCourage Kids Foundation®to bring Paint by Number kits to pediatric patients and their families throughout the United States!

We have long touted the therapeutic effects of paint by number kits and are proud to give the opportunity for children and their families to experience it for themselves. These children and their loved ones spend countless hours stuck in hospitals, and we cannot think of a better way to help them take their minds off their illnesses than by painting!

COVID has been particularly challenging for children in hospitals, making an already lonely and scary situation even worse. That's why now is more important than ever to help lift a child's spirits.

4 Easy Ways To Support Kits4Kids:

Our goal is to get a kit to every pediatric patient in every hospital in the US, but we can only go so far without your help.

Donate By Sharing:

Maybe you are not ready to contribute just yet, but know someone who might be. You can also do your part by simply sharing the program with people you know. For every 1 time this is shared, we will donate 1 paint by number kit.We encourage (😂) you to click on the link below to share on Facebook! (limited to 25,000 kits between our 2 giving programs)

One Share is One Donated Kit

Buy One, Give One:

For every 1 paint by number kit you purchase, 1 will be donated. Just use code KITS4KIDS at checkout or make your normal order through the link here. If you purchase 2 kits, 2 will be donated, with no limit.

Additionally, 5% of the total purchase price will also be donated to enCourage Kids® to help cover their overhead.

Buy One Give One Paint by Number Kits

Donate By Painting:

In addition to our Buy One, Give One program, 20% of every enCourage Kids kit purchased will be donated directly to the foundation.

Donate Directly:

If you have enough kits in your stash and are not quite ready for another but would still like to help, you canclick here to donate directly to enCourage Kids. They are a registered 501(c)(3) so every direct donation is also tax deductible.

Program Progress

Current Kit Count: 12,200 Paint by Numbers Donated

We started our partnership by sending 200 kits to 5 different hospitals in New York, Pennsylvania, and California at the beginning of COVID. They were well received and provided hours of relief to the children. Another 1,000 kits are on their way, and we have already committed an additional 11,000 in time for the holidays.

With your help there is no limit to to the number of smiles we can bring to children! We will continue sending PBN's to hospital patients for as long as the foundation and their partner hospitals need them :)

Encourage Kids and My Paint by Numbers Kits4Kids

I have never seen a passion as strong as that of the people at enCourage Kids®. Having personally volunteered for this organization for 10+ years, I can promise you that every kit and every dollar we give is going to a VERY good home.

The Kits4Kids program is in its very early stages, but we will do our best to keep you updated with how the children and the families enjoy them. Given new hospital restrictions, it is difficult to capture those moments right now, but rest assured arts and crafts activities have been very positive in the past.

Encourage Kids - My Paint by Number - Elijah is a survivor of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

My Paint by Numbers and Encourage Kids Kits4Kids

My Paint by Numbers and Encourage Kids Kits4Kids

On behalf of both My Paint by Numbers™ and enCourage Kids®, the children and their families thank YOU for the support!

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