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Kits 4 Seniors

Paint by Number Kits for Seniors
Second Wind Dreams + My Paint by Numbers Kits for Seniors

My Paint by Numbers™ is excited to announce that we are teaming up withSecond Wind Dreams®to bring Paint by Number kits to seniors in assisted living facilities throughout the United States!

COVID has been particularly challenging for seniors in assisted livings facilities, making an already lonely and difficult situation even worse. That's why now is more important than ever to help fulfill a senior's dream.

The Golden Years and Dementia--and what creativity can do to help

We firmly believe that nourishing creativity is important at any age, but becomes even more crucial in the golden years. Diseases like Alzheimer become more prevalent as we grow older, and though more studies need to be done, evidence is growing that engaging the brain in creative ways can help stave off or even reverse their effects.

As a society it is increasingly likely that we live past 100. While that is absolutely wonderful, diseases of the mind also grow likelier with age. Therefore, a greater proportion of us will probably suffer from a loss of thinking, remembering, and reasoning skills. These diseases also disproportionately affect women.

As an individual with access to the internet reading this right now, it is very scary thought. Imagine the terror it would evoke for a senior with limited opportunities to engage with the outside world.

We have long touted the therapeutic effects of paint by number kits and are proud to give the opportunity for seniors to experience it for themselves. Second Wind Dreams® believes that age does not erase hopes and dreams. My Paint by Numbers™ believes all people of any age should be able to experience in the joys of life. A dream and a joy that is near and dear to both of us is painting. We cannot think of a better way to help seniors engage their minds and ward off these threats than by painting by numbers!

3 Easy Ways To Support Kits4Seniors:

Our goal is to get a kit to every senior in every assisted living facility in the US, but we can only go so far without your help.

Donate By Sharing:

Maybe you are not ready to contribute just yet, but know someone who might be. You can also do your part by simply sharing the program with people you know.For every 1 time this is shared, we will donate 1 paint by number kit.We encourage you to click on the link below to share on Facebook! (limited to 25,000 kits between our 2 giving programs)

One Share is One Donated Kit

Buy One, Give One:

For every 1 kit you purchase, 1 will be donated. Just use code KITS4SENORS at checkout or make your normal order through the link here. If you purchase 2 kits, 2 will be donated, with no limit.

Additionally, 5% of the total purchase price will also be donated to Second Wind Dreams® to help cover their overhead.

Buy One Give One Paint by Number Kits

Donate Directly:

If you have enough kits in your stash and are not quite ready for another but would still like to help, you canclick here to donate directly to Second Wind Dreams. They are a registered 501(c)(3) so every direct donation is also tax deductible.

Program Progress

Current Kit Count: 13,000 Paint by Numbers Donated

We started our partnership by committing 1,000 kits to assisted living facilities across the USA. The kits are on their way, and we have already committed an additional 12,000 in time for the holidays.

With your help there is no limit to to the number of smiles we can bring to seniors! We will continue sending PBN's to them for as long as the foundation and their partner facilities need them :)

The Kits4Seniors program is in its very early stages, but we will do our best to keep you updated with its progress. Given new COVID restrictions, it is difficult to capture those moments right now, but rest assured arts and crafts activities are in high demand in these organizations and we are sure they will be received positively.

On behalf of both My Paint by Numbers™ and Second Wind Dreams®, the facilities and their families thank YOU for the support!

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