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PBN Masterclass


The Official Paint by Numbers Master Class

Have you ever wondered what is the best way to prep your canvas before painting? Did you order a custom DIY frame, but don't know how to even start putting it together? Do you think you could save loads of money learning how to make your own clear gesso? Would you like to learn WHAT gesso is!?

For those of you just starting your paint by number journey to those of you who have more completed paintings than wall-space, THIS IS THE CLASS FOR YOU! We've partnered with one of the most passionate PBN painters we've met since our very own grandparents--Logan Ransley--to offer a special opportunity to learn all the tips and tricks from the master himself.

Logan started painting around the same time we started making paintings, and he's been hooked ever since. He is the proud founder of the Official Paint by Numbers Facebook group, and has provided support to the paint by number community for years. He has formalized his knowledge in his 12 module Official Paint by Numbers Masterclass, which is jam packed with downloadable PDF's, guides, and all the best tricks you wish you knew sooner!

Logan has not only created his own course on the subject, he is also a published author of the very first Paint by Number Guide! There are limited supplies available at this rock-bottom price, so make sure to get your copy directly from Amazon TODAY!

One thing is for certain--Logan will be able to get you from beginner to professional in less time than it takes to finish a kit!

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The Official Paint by Numbers Masterclass

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