How to get wrinkles and creases out of a painting canvas?

How do you get wrinkles and creases out of canvas? The #1 secret to getting wrinkles and creases out of a canvas is to use an iron on high! However, before you go ahead and do that, you should read through our list below of the most important Do's and Don'ts:

Iron and ironing board to remove wrinkles from canvas

The good news is that some wrinkling for canvases of all types is VERY normal. The bad news is that wrinkles on paint by number canvases are more common due to the printing of the numbers and lines, which also makes it a little more challenging to deal with. Fear not! We are here to help you with the Do's and Don't of getting those annoying creases out!

Let's start with the Don'ts:

X MarkDon'ts

  1. DO NOT use a lot of water, and avoid using any. Many websites suggest using a little bit of water, fine mist, or steam when ironing. We recommend doing this with caution because paint by number kits are different from regular canvases in that they have numbers and lines printed on them. Too much water and steam can actually clean away the numbers and lines, so unless you want to paint completely free-hand, we recommend proceeding with caution any time you spritz your canvas with water or use steam when ironing.
  2. DO NOT iron face up! When you begin ironing, make sure you iron face down to prevent any smudging of numbers and lines. Canvases are designed to be painted on, not printed on, so the ink can smear easily. Direct contact with a hot iron can easily blemish your favorite paint by number kit!

Check MarkDo's

  1. DO iron your canvas on high without steam. Many websites suggest using a little bit of water or steam when ironing. You're welcome to try doing this, but Paint by number kits are different from regular blank canvases in that they have numbers and lines printed on them which may be accidentally cleaned off! Make sure to press down firmly on the canvas, and make sure you never keep the iron in one place for too long.
  2. DO make your canvas taught. Canvases are made to be stretched, and the stretching process helps to get the last wrinkles out. Try to make sure the canvas is as tight as possible, even when just taping or tacking the canvas to a flat surface!
  3. DO use a damp cloth on the back of the canvas. If you can't get the wrinkles out without water, and you don't have a VERY fine mister, we recommend laying the canvas face down, and ironing with a damp cloth on the back.


  • I am new at painting anything but have done some acrylics but would like to try paint by
    numbers my question is do they look like the pictures you show or do you need special skills to make them look like you actually painted them.

    Karin Goldsmith
  • Hello! I love my Paint By Number kit. Can you tell me if the numbers on the print are available somewhere? After I’m finished with the painting, I like to backtrack and touch up the paint where it needs it, but I’m not sure what color was painted there. If the “blueprint” for the painting is available online, that would be very helpful. The painting I’m working on now is “Paris Street After Fresh Rain”. Thank you in advance.


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